The Halo at the Centre of the Atom

23 May 2001


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Table of Contents

The Halo at the Centre of the Atom

Topics of the Talk

Looking at Atoms

The Nucleus

Nuclear Physics

The Quantum Realm

The Nucleus

Examples of Elements

Holding the nucleus together

Examples of Isotopes

Periodic Table of Isotopes

Where do elements and isotopes come from?

Star cycle ends as a Supernova

During the Explosion

Neutrons to build up nuclei

Elements to start New Stars

Neutron-rich Nuclei today

Halo at the Centre of the Atom

Other Kinds of Haloes

What holds the Halo together?

Borromean Rings

Borromean Nuclei

What holds the Halo together?

Quantum Physics

Energy and Momentum

Energy, Tendency and Action

Residing in Forbidden Space

Overlapping Tendencies ...

To Measure the Halo Size

Halo size from Experiments

What Use are Haloes?


Collaborators and Students


Author: Ian J.Thompson
School of Physical Sciences
The University of Surrey


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