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Theoretical Nuclear Physics


Ph.D. Thesis (Auckland University, New Zealand, 1979): "The Effect of Orthogonality and Antisymmetrisation in the Strong-Coupling model of Nuclear Cluster Reactions" (local copy)

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www.fresco.org.uk: for the coupled channels program Fresco
www.nucleartheory.net: for European Theory network NT
www.nuclearhalo.info: for information about nuclear haloes
www.halo06.com: for the Halo'06 Workshop at Trento, 30th Oct 2006.
www.generativescience.org: for philosophy of physics. 
www.kernz.org: International Conference KERNZ08: “Interfacing Structure and Reactions at the Centre of the Atom”, Queenstown, New Zealand (Dec 2008).
www.reactiontheory.org: for
TORUS: Theory of Reactions for Unstable iSotopes -- A Topical Collaboration for Nuclear Theory

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"Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics, Principles, calculation and applications of low-energy reactions"
at: Amazon.com; Cambridge University Press. Also: online material.

Book chapters

Two- and three-body properties of halo nuclei, I.J. Thompson and J.S. Vaagen, in Heavy Elements and Related Phenomena, R.K. Gupta and W. Greiner (eds), World Scientific (1999) 976-993.

Methods of Direct Reaction Theories, I.J. Thompson, in Scattering, E.R. Pike and P.C. Sabatier (eds), Academic Press (2001) 1360-1372.


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