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Invited Talks at Physics Conferences

  • State of CRC Calculations for Channel Couplings, Proceedings of Daresbury Workshop ``Heavy Ion Collisions at Energies Near the Coulomb Barrier'', Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. No. 110, (1990) 165 -176.
  • Physics of Halo Nuclei, 7th Nordic Meeting on Nuclear Physics, Vigso (August 1992).
  • 11Li: Three-body Breakup, NORDITA/NorFA Study Weekend on Halo Nuclei, Copenhagen (March 1993).
  • Three-body Scenarios for 11Li, NORDITA/NorFA Study Weekend on Halo Nuclei, Copenhagen (March 1993).
  • The Structure Of Neutron-rich Halo Nuclei, Third International Conference On Radioactive Nuclear Beams, Proc. Third Intl. Conf. on Radioactive Nuclear Beams (East Lansing, Michigan, 23-27 May 1993), D.J. Morrissey (ed), Editions Frontieres, Gif-sur-Yvette, 1993
  • Intruder Levels in 11Li, NORDITA/NorFA Study Weekend on Halo Nuclei, Copenhagen (Jan 1994).
  • Few-body features of halo nuclei, Post-conference Workshop On Halo Nuclei, Surrey University, 14 April 1994.
  • Halo Nuclei, IOP Half-day Meeting ``Radioactive Beams - An update of facilities and techniques'', York University, 29 June 1994.
  • Structure and Reactions of the Li and Be Halo Nuclei, International Symposium on Physics of Unstable Nuclei, Niigata, Japan, 31 Oct - 3 Nov, 1994.
  • Few Body Models and Halos, Halo '95 Study Weekend on Dripline Nuclei, Copenhagen, 1-3 Sept 1995.
  • Two-neutron and Two-proton Bound States in New Halo Nuclei, Hirschegg '96, ``Extremes of Nuclear Structure'', Hirschegg, 15-20 Jan 1996.
  • Coulomb Breakup of  11Li, Halo '96 Joint Study Weekend on Dripline Nuclei, Surrey, 12-14 April 1996.
  • Core Excitation in Two-neutron Halo Nuclei, ECT workshop ``Physics of Halo Nuclei'', ECT, Trento, Italy, 7-17 October 1996.
  • Few Body Models of Halo Nuclei, ECT workshop ``Critical Stability of Quantum Few-body Systems'', ECT, Trento, Italy, 3-14 February 1997.
  • Probing the Structure of Halo Nuclei, ``FUSION97: International Workshop on Heavy-Ion Collisions at Near-Barrier Energies', South Durras, New South Wales, Australia, 17-21 March 1997.
  • Three-body Continuum Structure and Response Functions of the 6He Halo Nucleus, ``HALO'97: Study weekend on dripline nuclei'', Säröhus, Göteborg, Sweden, 13-15 June 1997.
  • Theory of nuclear reactions involving halo nuclei, ``Workshop on Light Exotic Nuclei at Low Energy'', ULB, Brussels, 6-7 October 1997.
  • Structure and Continuum Response of Halo Nuclei, ``International Workshop on Physics with Radioactive Nuclear Beams'', Puri, India, 12-17 January, 1998
  • Continuum Structure and Response of Borromean Halo Nuclei, ``HALO'98'', 5-7 April 1998, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Continuum Structure and Response of Borromean Halo Nuclei, ECT workshop ``Physics of Halo Nuclei'', ECT, Trento, Italy, 1-12 June, 1998.
  • Multistep effects in Breakup Reactions, ECT workshop ``Physics of Halo Nuclei'', ECT, Trento, Italy, 1-12 June, 1998.
  • Discussion on Halo Nuclei, UMIST workshop ``Microscopic Approaches to the Structure of Light Nuclei'', UMIST, Manchester, 8-13 June, 1998.
  • Probing Halo Structure with Breakup Reactions, ``Exotic Nuclei And Atomic Masses'', Shanty Creek, Michigan, USA, 23-27 June, 1998
  • Probing Haloes via Reactions, ``Haloes: Models and Probes of Wavefunctions", Ganil, France, 27 March, 2000
  • Halo Physics, ``The Fifth International Conference On Radioactive Nuclear Beams", Divonne, France, 3-8 April, 2000
  • Reactions with exotic nuclei, I.J. Thompson ``Exotic Nuclear Physics 2001 Workshop'', Bergen, 21-22 April 2001.
  • Pairing in and near the continuum, I.J. Thompson, ECT Workshop ``Continuum Aspects of the Nuclear Shell Model'', ECT, Trento, Italy, 3-17 June, 2002
  • Multistep Coulomb and Nuclear Breakup, INT Workshop ``Reaction Theory for Nuclei Far from Stability'', Seattle, 16-20 September, 2002
  • Challenges of Direct Reactions, 3rd international workshop on ``Direct Reactions of Exotic Beams'', Surrey, 10-12 July, 2003.
  • Modelling Effects of Halo Breakup on Fusion, International workshop on ``FUSION03: From a Tunneling Nuclear Microscope to Nuclear Processes in Matter '', Matsushima, Japan, 12-15 Nov, 2004.
  • Threshold and continuum structures in exotic nuclei, International symposium on ``A New Era of Nuclear Structure Physics'', Niigata, Japan, 19-22 Nov, 2004.
  • Four-body DWIA theory for halo excitations, S.N. Ershov, I.J. Thompson, B.V. Danilin, J.S. Vaagen and M.V. Zhukov, International Conference on Nuclear Physics, Gothenburg, Sweden, 28 June - 2 July 2004.
  • Reaction Models to Probe Continuum Structure, Second Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop, Michigan State University, 9-12 March 2005.
  • Challenges in Reaction theory, NTstar Town Meeting, Surrey, 10 April 2006.


    General Physics Talks

  • The Halo at the Center of the Atom, at the American Nuclear Society, Northern California Section  (14 Jan 14)


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