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Research Students in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Ph.D. Students at Surrey

  1. James Christley
  2. Brian Cross
  3. Filomena Nunes
  4. James Stott
  5. Neil Cottrell
  6. John Mortimer
  7. Tatiana Tarutina
  8. Paul Batham
  9. Amy Bartlett
  10. Rebecca Gomery

Visiting students to our Marie Curie Host Training Site

  1. Giedre Sapragonaite (Bergen)
  2. Imante Raskinyte (Bergen)
  3. Lydie Giot (Caen)
  4. Manuela Rodriguez Gallardo (Sevilla)

Other visiting students

  1. Bruno Braizinha (Lisbon)
  2. Gustavo Nobre (Sao Paulo)
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